Inifinity Youth Sports offers recreational and competitive sports to the youth of New Mexico, ages 3-16. Our sports include tball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Infinity Youth Sports is also home of the Southwest Gridiron Conference, a division of U

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Hello Parents and Coaches,


  With the 2016 season coming to an end, IYS understands the frustrations that have increasingly risen during the season, as well as frustrations of the future of the league. Here at IYS we have taken notice to many of these issues, and we can assure you for the future of this league those issues haven't gone unnoticed. With a board meeting previously held, these issues were addressed and discussed with great detail. We are excited about the future of IYS since coming to solutions to help improve the image of IYS. Starting with improving that image, IYS is excited to announce that we have added two members to the board that we believe will bring bigger and more better things to IYS. 


DeAndre Wright



DeAndre brings tremendous experience to IYS within the game of football which is why IYS is making him the face of IYS. Starting at the age of 7, DeAndre has played on all levels of football including the NFL. He also brings experience in coaching as well as team management. DeAndre will be solely responsible for overlooking IYS as well as working to bring new sponsorships to IYS to help maintain a brighter future.


Mission Statement

"My ultimate goal is to make IYS about the kids that are playing the game again. Not the board, coaches, coaches assistants, nor parents are more important than the kids playing this game. And as a board member, coach, coaches assistant and parent, your goal should be the same as mines because they are what make this league happen. This league will teach the importance of good sportsmanship, as well as being a student-athlete off the field. There WILL be ZERO TOLERANCE to those who don't follow this goal. Important life lessons are learned in the game of football, and it is our duty, no matter the role, to make sure these young athletes walk the right path in life"

-DeAndre Wright




Donnesha Brooks



Donnesha is also someone who brings tremendous management skills to IYS. She's currently finishing her MBA. She also already has a BS in Criminal Justice. She has proudly served in The United States Navy. She has over 10 years consulting with small businesses and a over 18 years in management. 


Mission Statement


"Ive worked with IYS before in the past and appreciate rejoining the team to make IYS elite and the go to place for youth football, citizenship and fun. I further believe that every child has the right to a good childhood" -Donnesha Brooks






Again IYS is excited to bring these two on board to help achieve the goals we have set forth for the future of IYS. We hope that ALL coaches and parents stay with the IYS family for the upcoming, and improved spring season, as well as future years to come. Make sure you please visit the "IYS League News" tab to find out about what IYS has in store for our football players next month. If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will answer ALL questions in a timely manner and professionalism. 


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Thank you,








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